Our Services

Go Concept’s competitive advantage lies in its ability to link all three of its sectors, which are Go Acceleration, Go Innovation, Go Consulting Innovation. Go Concept’s team has the possibility of putting its expertise in different projects along with cultivating its spirit of entrepreneurship.


“Innovation is what distinguish a leader apart from a follower”

At Go Concept, we specialize in innovative technological consulting by providing the highest quality solutions to our clients. Our International entities allow us to support our clients along a variety of engineering fields, such as mechatronics, electronics, and biomedicine.
Every solution conceived for our clients is custom designed – the Manager, the HR representative, and the Consultant work together in order to better respond to your needs.



At Go Concept, we are able to tailor-make, from A to Z, any product or equipment our clients need. The existing links between our in-house experts and our consulting experts give us an unprecedented advantage when responding to our clients’ complex offers.


Our accelerator assists entrepreneurs in the development of their business.

Provides a dynamic and proactive environment to continue developing your young company.

Join a club of creative entrepreneurs while benefiting from their experience.

Its flexibility, easy access to highly experienced mentors, and business-oriented environment make this entrepreneurship center a unique work place.

Discover the new One PART-DIEU incubator by Go Concept here!