After 20 years of experience in the largest consulting firms, we believe in a more hands on approach of the consulting business. We are committed to offering a work that allows the most talented engineers to flourish in a rewarding, dynamic and economically stable model.

Since 2009, we have drawn on our strengths in selecting high potential engineers through a rigorous recruitment process that seeks to find the best people who share our beliefs. We place great emphasis on finding balance between the professional and personal aspirations of our candidates in order to offer them a fulfilling environment. In this way, we allow each of our employees to take control of their future through  opportunities for internal growth.

We are proud to see the enjoyment of our employees in the success of their technological projects. This result translates into the lowest turnover on the market and a total success in the accompaniment of our partners.

Beyond this difference, we invest heavily in creating opportunities for croos-company ecxchanges and the creation of links between all our employees. For us, it is essential to continue our growth while respecting our fundamental values: excellence, transparency and team spirit.

Philippe CHAPALAIN et Xavier BADINA, CEO founders



We are what we do several times. Excellence is therefore not an act but a habit.


If you want to be trustworthy be honest. If you want to be honest be true. If you want to be true, be yourself.


The real success of a team is to ensure competitiveness in sustainability.


All members of our management committee are all shareholders. With a turnover of 10 million euros in 2016, all profits are reinvested in the company development. We meet every month to ensure the growth of the group and to strengthn the development strategies.

We strive to retain men and women in the field to stay connected to the employees needs.

As entrepreneurs, we manage our teams with kindness, positivity and accessibility in order to respond perfectly to the customers’ needs and grow on an international scale.

Citation of our Clients / Partners

  • “I had the opportunity, through our financial relations, to witness first-hand Go Concept’s team in action along with the development of its fantastic business that combines both seriousness and creativity.”
    Didier DelanzyDidier DelanzyCrédit Mutuel
  • “Go Concept clearly demonstrates that while it may be easy to think we can achieve everything on our own, 1 plus 1 really does equal 3.”
    EPFLEPFLProject Start
  • “Go Concept clearly demonstrates that while it may be easy to think we can achieve everything on our own, 1 plus 1 really does equal 3.”
    Laurent HenaffLaurent HenaffCEO ALANMAX
  • “In all the projects I take part in, performance and quality are key. The smallest of mistakes can be fatal. Go Concept’s team distinguishes itself through its rigorous work and its exceptional proactivity.”
    Éric BaroneÉric BaroneExtreme mountain biker