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By joining Go Concept you first integrate a team. This is why you will meet several of your future collaborators during the recruitment process that will confirm collectively your hiring.

In this selective process, we will evaluate your technical skills, your personality to become a consultant but most importantly we are looking for someone that wants develop and reach new horizons.

For us, it is important to focus on the long term, so before your know-how, we place a great deal of importance on your life skills. Our “Go Academy” training program allows us to give every employee the tools for success.

Are you looking change? Do you surround yourself with humble and open minded colleagues? Do you have a thirst for knowledge and earnest curiosity? Are you looking for a new challenge? If YES, Go Concept adventure is for you!

GO Culture

Collaborate with joy and willingness

Undertake with humility and passion

Keep an open and curious mind

Always seek excellence


Discover our positions